I want to invite everyone from hot errors to visit my translation tool i have setup for everyone to use for free. you can translate many words from spanish into english and from english into spanish. when you visit the main page, you can have choices to either take the quiz or to start their translation tool. When i went to the website i started with the translation tool because i wanted to study for my homework for my high school spanish class. my teacher gave me 10 words to translate and to study. so what i did is looked up the translations for each word and then once i have study them, you can take a quiz to see how much of the translation words you know so you can study for you exam.

It was very handy because when i took the quiz at my school, the teacher gave me an A+ for getting all the words correctly and websor.com helped me get a big score on my homework. ofcourse there are alot of websites which translate your words but i find the format in which websor.com gives you the words is easy to memorize and learn. try it today, it will help you.

for example, did you know that hot errors mean 'erores calientes' in spanish. it sounds very funny when you pronouce these words because errors sounds the same but caliente doesn't sound nothing like hot at all.

anywyas, i hope you visit the page so you can also start learning spanish. I hope i can pass my class this semester so next semester i dont have to take a foreign language class. I picked spanish because it was easy to learn, i was thinking about french because my friend was going to take it but i am glad i made the right choice because with websor its easy to translate into spanish and it helps me lean for my homework.