as of april 2, 2009

currently working on the links module to be able for admin to edit and manage the partners (friends) links sections

im currently working on the script to be able so you can add, edit or delete any of the links that were submitted to your site. as you may know, there are alot of spammers and there are also webmaster who are not honest and they submit their link to your site, but they never put your link on their site. not everyone is as honest as the rest of us. but oh well, we can only change the world one person at a time.

during my drive to work, i heard this thing about google that their motto is "Don't do evil"

well, i like to go by that rule. lately i have noticed that some websites have downloaded our wallpaper script but they remove our "Powered by " link, which is disapointing to see because i have dedicated alot of time to this scrpt and its sad to see that some webmaster cannot appreciate the hard work. but oh well, their time will come. wow, i think i got off subject here.

anywayz, as soon as i am finished with the admin-links page, i will update the latest beta release 1.5 right now im in the process of testing the links administration pages. i will keep you updated.

OSWallpaper Team