this tutorial will show you how you can dump the mysql database using phpmyadmin.

1. create a database called wallpaperscript.
If you dont know how to create a mysql username or database, make sure to check with your hosting company. usually they will have tutorials on how you do that.

2. login to your phpmyadmin:
depending on who is your hosting company, the url for the phpmyadmin will be different. but usually you can access the phpmyadmin panel by adding phpmyadmin after you domain name. for example:


3. once you are logged in to your phpmyadmin, click on the wallpaperscript database link on the left frame (see red arrow on my picture)


4. when you have clicked on the database, you will see a menu. click on the SQL tab. and you will see a field that says "Browse". if you have a different version of phpmyadmin, you might have a tab that says: "Import" so click on the import tab, otherwise, click on the "SQL" tab like my picture:


5. once you have clicked on the browse button, locate the .sql file included in the wallpaper script.

6. after you have located the .sql file, and placed it in the browse field, click on the "Go" button.

7. thats it, all the necessary tables that the script uses will be installed on your database.