Hello Friend,

Welcome to wallpaperscript.org - Thanks for your interest in downloading our open source wallpaper script. this is the beta release, so if you are interested in having your own wallpaper website you can start by downloading this open source wallpapers script.

Please keep in mind that this a only a beta release, so under so much demand we are releasing it for beta tester to test run and report any improvements and bugs the script may have.

Also note, while i know how to program in php, im not by any means a professional. i do try to keep my code clean, but its not perfect. This project is just a hobby for me and i hope you can understand and appreciate the hard work and time i have put into this.

if you have positive feedback, i welcome it. if you have negative feedback, i only ask that you be kind to me. remember, im not a professional programmer nor i have the millions of dollars to hire a web developer nor a web designer. oh yeah, the design. while i will also have to admint, the layout is pretty basic, nothing fancy, but if you are a web designer, you can customize the script by making your own theme. just edit the /theme/default/default.css file or create your own.

Instructions on how to install are included in the zip file

So Remember, This is Only a Beta Release. you will find some bugs, any bugs please report to us in the support section.

Thank You for your interest in our wallpaper script and i hope we can work together to make it better.

OSWallpaper Team

--UPDATE: 5/11/09
OSWallpaper-beta-1.5 is now available for download.

This version fixed a major bug with previous OSWallpaper Script the
inability to create thumbs. We heard your comments and we have improved
OSWallpaper with this new beta release. Instead of creating thumbs with
ImageMagick, we use GD Library which comes available with all php releases.


UPDATE: 11/5/09

The Download Link is now available

UPDATE: 6/17/2010
We apologize for not keeping up with this project. starting the last quarter of this year we hope to jump on this project to fix any bugs and continue to add or improve features and design. please continue to provide us with feedback or any features you would like to see.

OSWallpaper Team

[To Download, See Attachement Link Below]